3 Bad Habits to Avoid When Exercising

Whether the goal is to be healthy or physically fit, there’s a good chance that exercise is going to play a big part in the process. From gym memberships to tennis shoes, lots of people are starting to make plans to take better care of themselves. For those that are new to working out, and those that have created some great workout routines, there are still some pitfalls to avoid along the way. Check out these three bad habits to avoid when exercising.

Cutting Corners

When a runner sets out to reach the two mile mark, it can be tempting to stop around a mile and a half. When there are twenty reps that need to be done on the weight machine, at fifteen, it’s easy to just stop and say that’s enough. But cutting corners when it comes to exercise is a bad habit to fall into. It means never completing a full workout and not getting the most out of the time spent exercising. Instead of cutting out early, commit to a full workout every time possible.

Pushing Towards Pain, Not Just Strain

Sometimes, after cutting corners, a person decides to workout extra hard the next time in order to make up for the reps missed. Unfortunately, this doesn’t really solve any problems and could be setting someone up for injury. Be aware of how hard workouts are. There should be some serious strain. Exercise isn’t easy and should be a challenge. But avoid pushing too hard, to the point of hurting the body. Consistency is key when it comes to exercise. Change up the methods. Change up the time of day. But try to stay true to the amount of effort put in.

Making Excuses

Getting in a workout early in the morning can be great. It sets someone up to have a great day, giving them a boost of energy from the very beginning. But a couple of days later, it is much easier to hit the snooze button than get out of bed and get moving. Avoid making excuses. This bad habit starts out small but can be the death of exercise for some. It becomes much to easy to list out reasons not to exercise instead of staying motivated. For more information on bad habits to avoid, check out Fooyoh.com.

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